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Start local, go global with local SEO Services from Digital Tepee. This article looks at how to drive local traffic to your website first when looking to launch a website or kick-start a new marketing focus.

All business owners with ambitions to dominate the online space in their sector must not look too far away from home when implementing a local strategy.

Back in 2015 Google replaced its “7-pack,” the local results box that previously showed seven local businesses in the Google Web search results, with the 3-pack, meaning four fewer listings now display in the local pack.

Let’s look at how to win at local SEO with some starter tips.

Google My Business

Ensuring that you are in the top 3 of your field is now even more important and a clear search plan is the most critical place to start when focusing on being found on Google. This move by Google was more than likely a pre-cursor to the switch now in place to a mobile results focus, otherwise know as mobile first.

Firstly, set up your Google My Business correctly, have you used the same address formatting across all of your listings online? Each listing should match Google and Bing. A discrepancy with either can dramatically impact how your business appears in the local search results.

Do not discount this as a minor detail; Google generates a Geocode for your address so that it appears on Google Maps search results this is how customers will find your business.

Listing Categories

As discussed in our article on updates to Googles Algorithm, relevance is now a significant factor in a listings visibility. Google continually makes tweaks to its search engine to aline results to its users, so the more time spent on defining your store category, the better chance you have of appearing for the searches matching it. Many businesses miss this small feature and in turn, miss out on potential search traffic opportunities.

Review and Respond

When Google changed the local pack, they also removed exact address information and moved the starred reviews rating to the top of the list. It is now more critical than ever to get good customer feedback and ask clients to review on your Google My Business page. The better the star rating, the better the placing in the local pack listing. Responding to all reviews also shows engagement be it positive or negative feedback.

Focus on Your Brand

Try not to spend to much time trying to focus on high competition keywords in your local area; you will find the larger companies with big wallets have paid to rank for these terms and it’s tough to compete. Instead look for relevant local searches with specific search terms as possible. For example, instead of trying to rank for “builder” try instead to write content around “conservatory builder” this way you will more likely turn up in the top 3 local pack in your field and area.

Improve Your On-page SEO

When writing content for your landing pages for your website think about how to maximise this, always add a relevant search term and the area/region that you do business to the content.

Ensure that this information is included in your pages title, H tags, page URL and content and not forgetting alt tags.

Embedding a google map into your landing page that includes your business marker will aid with local rankings.

We hope this gives a better understanding of how to rank in the local pack.

For a more detailed discussion on how local SEO works and our range of services why not book a Skype with us to discuss your requirements further using the button below