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As a small agency we offer a personal approach, always available as we work in many different timezones. Always on hand to offer support and consultation about our service and your campaign.
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As a trusted Google Adwords agency we deliver profitable returns on your advertising budget across multiple business categories.

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Maintaining a healthy link profile is one of the most important factors of SEO ranking.

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Beautiful, responsive, SEO ready websites that convert customers and are ready to get your business ranking without breaking the bank.

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Stay one step ahead of your competition, we uncover their strategies and weaknessess to deliver a knockout service.

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Your in safe hands as our team has years of industry experience in SEO to give your company the right start and edge over your competition.

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We work as an extention of your team and ensure your company goals are the foundation of our strategy. We deliver consultant services to in house developers and marketing teams.

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Today SEO is fundamental to any increase in online sales performance.  We help businesses of all shapes and sizes improve sales with a focused approach. 

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Achieving goals is crucial to a successful digital marketing campaign with return on investment top of our SEO strategy. 

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Clear and open reporting and communication to clients is the foundation of what we do. Ensuring we stay inline with Algorithm updates and keeping customers in the loop at all times.

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When you are a business or site owner, looking to find the right company to improve your SEO ranking is tricky. Increasing monthly searches takes time, its not just a case of updating meta tags and page titles. SEO involves a proper strategy of thorough keyword data analysis to find high traffic keyword ideas and potential guest post opportunities to reach more potential customers. Digital Tepee covers some of the questions asked by our clients here, we are always fully transparent in the work we do so our customers understand exactly where their money is being spent.

Search Engine Optimisation is merely about optimising websites for search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It works by maximising the number of people (traffic) visiting your website through a combination of technical changes, quality content and relevancy to the search term being searched. What must be understood from the offset is there are so many impacting factors when trying to rank a website highly on the likes of Google. Without hopefully not confusing everyone, there is so much more to SEO. Understanding SEO requires a knowledge of how search engines crawl a website and tailoring your data so they will most likely return in the results based on the relevancy of your content. Knowledge of white hat practices has never been more important to online businesses. Google ranks websites by over 200 factors and can also penalise your site if you do not adhere to the rules (using black hat practices).

OK, so now you know what these three letters stand for, what is it all about and how important is it to your business? In a nutshell, all the content you post up online via your website, be it blogs, pages, videos, images, downloads, or apps must be optimised for search engines to find it. Right now, in 2019, ensuring your website is fine-tuned to show up on the front page of Google, for your niche, can be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and one that’ will no longer exist next year. Crucially, what often gets overlooked is the design of the website, the design is a core fundamental of SEO, and a site construction must first be optimised to ensure a solid SEO strategy is achieved. Good web design is the foundation of Technical SEO.

Firstly, we are not a large agency, and you will not be assigned to a junior and disappear under an extensive list of clients. We pride ourselves on being a dedicated small team who operate as a direct extension of your staff being directly on hand to help immediately. Our experience in data analysis, digital marketing and commercial practices will dramatically increase your business potential when coupled with our Technical SEO services.

We never promise overnight success, SEO is definitely a long game. What a lot of clients see is the promise of page 1 rankings within a month from email spamming firms, if a company is offering this then it’s a safe bet they are using risk heavy strategies. Digital Tepee only uses tried and tested methods to rank your site naturally and safely so your online visibility remains constant and at no risk of a Google penalty. Ranking also depends on so many other factors like domain authority, domain age, existing link profile etc. Every client is different and we will advise you from day one what we think is required for your business.

Here at Digital Tepee we only implement search engine optimisation following white hat SEO strategies, techniques and tactics. We follow search engine rules and policies that focus exclusively on a human audience opposed to search engines. For example, a website that focuses on content relevancy and organic ranking whilst being optimised for search engines is considered to be optimised using White Hat practices. By using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building to improve link popularity, and writing content for human readers are good examples of White Hat techniques. However, we also understand that Googles guidelines are not set in stone and we always look to find the best options for clients within a sensible and well-thought safe strategy. Yes, this may include what some might call black hat techniques (we don’t like that term really) but as a digital marketing company, we aim to win and find out how your competitors are dominating the niche.

Keyword research ranks as one of the top SEO factors along with link building, and content marketing. The number of organic searches a website returns depends wholly on the keywords that are used. To drive traffic to your site and promote your products you must use effective keyword research tools, find related markets, long tail keywords and determine a popular (profitable niche). In turn, ranking well in search engine results for specific topics will follow. Ultimately finding out what people are searching for will put you in a strong position to achieve the goals of your website marketing strategy and business goals.

The next step in finding the right keywords to target is understanding how difficult a keyword is to rank well in search engines. Following keyword research answer these critical questions How many people are searching for the keywords you have researched? What’s your level of competition? How many sites are targeting the same keywords as you? The answers to these questions are crucial in finding out whether or not your keywords will rank well in the search engines. Finding out exactly what people are searching for, writing the best answers for them on your site, and know that those keywords are great money makers, however, if your competition is too strong, and no one can find you all of your SEO efforts may be wasted.

Every client we have worked with has seen significant growth within their niche, our success rate depends on many factors and timescales depending on what we find when we begin the discussion with a client. Many times we are employed to reverse Google penalties and reverse previous mistakes and errors which can extend timescales before we can down to the real SEO work and start building a companies online visibilty. But you can be sure that our work brings lasting success, be that implementing a three month local SEO strategy for a small business or taking on a huge 100,000 product ecommerce website.

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