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technical seo

Technical SEO Services

We offer class-leading technical SEO services packages to clients around Newcastle and worldwide. A robust technical strategy will allow search engine spiders to crawl, index and rank the pages of your website correctly and in-turn increase the chances of appearing at the top of Google search results for your niche. Creating class-leading on-page content and obtaining high site authority backlinks play a significant role in dominating your niche.

PPC Campaigns

PPC Management Services

Digital Tepee offers very competitive pay per click campaigns, and we have a track record in delivering profitable returns on ad spend across multiple business categories. With a PPC digital marketing management campaign from Digital Tepee, we can guide you to make the most of your online advertising budget. Our PPC Management service can provide the boost you are looking for to drive relevant traffic and in turn, increase sales.

technical seo

Link Building Services

A successful link building strategy is one of the most important factors of SEO ranking. Understanding the health impact backlinks have on your website cannot be underestimated. While having great trustworthy high powered links to your website will undoubtedly improve the chances of ranking well, a weak backlink profile can impact the performance.