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A successful link building strategy is one of the most important factors of SEO ranking. Understanding the health impact backlinks have on your website cannot be underestimated. Using creative content marketing alongside other SEO strategies like press releases and social media updates will make sure your link building campaign is varied and natural, offering long term gains.

While having great trustworthy high-quality links to your website will undoubtedly improve the chances of ranking well, a weak backlink profile can impact the performance. Digital Tepee can offer link building services across the UK alongside our technical SEO retainer contracts to further enhance the chances of making page 1 for your industry niche.

By conducting a backlink analysis at project start, we can advise on the correct level and timeframe to implement a series of outreach placements. At the same time, we will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing backlink profile to eliminate any unnatural or toxic links where necessary. When taking on a link building agency it’s always good to know that we use manual link building, guest posts and blogger outreach to build natural white hat links that will benefit your niche and trust flow.

Backlink Analysis will cover the following tasks

  • Follow industry best practice
  • Audit backlink profile with industry leading software
  • Remove and disavow toxic links from profile
  • Define the correct methodology for backlinking in your niche
  • Use trustworthy sources for all link building outreach work
  • Reduce the potential for search engine penalties

As part of our service, we monitor linking sites metrics data on a daily basis ensuring that as our client your profile remains healthy. Together with the correct marketing strategy, insightful backlink analysis and strong profile will provide a sound foundation to your organic search campaign.

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What is link building?

Often misunderstood as a practice, even ignored, link building is a tool to boost your website performance and domain authority. A ‘backlink’ is classified as an external website source linking back to your website. An easy mistake to make is to start linking to a site that is not ready to take links, first and foremost a well-optimised website must be in place to ensure the best value from a backlink and in turn require fewer backlinks to see a return.

Main technical issues that must be first addressed, and not limited too, before link building work commences.

  • Mobile friendliness (mobile optimisation)
  • Site loading speed
  • Duplicate content
  • Canonical errors
  • Duplicate META data
  • Fix broken external links
  • Incorrect use of no-index / no-follows
  • Fix redirect chains

Here at Digital Tepee, we use many specialist tools to identify and resolve all the technical issues and more above. SEMrush and Ahrefs are just some of the tools available that provide pinpoint data when looking to fix technical problems. For example, finding and fixing broken links can be quickly done using Ahrefs.

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So if you’re looking for Link building services in Newcastle or further afield get in touch via our enquiry form.