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Choosing the best E-commerce website solution can be an overwhelming decision. Choosing an all-in-one solution that provides hosting, shopping cart functionality and a dedicated sales channel with analytics with no additional fees is a no brainer. Importantly from an SEO perspective, Shopify sites are ready for optimisation from launch. As Shopify hosts 200,000 plus stores they are regularly pushing out improvements to ensure an industry-leading solution and Digital Tepee are proud to be Shopify partners.

As experienced Shopify Partners, Digital Tepee can help at either the start of your journey with Shopify or make the most of an existing Shopify store with bespoke SEO packages for all websites, be it large or small.


e commerce and seo

SEO and E-commerce go hand in hand but many business owners forget to give as much attention to SEO as they do to website design. Shopify is the perfect platform to implement an effective SEO strategy for a new website, not only a user-friendly platform it provides a ready-made hosting solution with configurable attributes required for successful campaigns.


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We offer affordable e-commerce SEO services for Shopify merchants in Newcastle and as far as Tokyo. SEO optimisation is not only a part of the website launch phase but it is also an ongoing monthly requirement for online business owners. Choosing Digital Tepee as Shopify Partners to implement this provides many benefits including access to the partner program and reassurance of quality and trust. With a simple store setup process, more time and resource can be dedicated to ensuring relevant traffic is directed to your website.

shopify partners