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Mobile Friendly SEO Tips

Businesses searching for Mobile-Friendly SEO services in Newcastle can look no further than Digital Tepee. We understand how to optimise a website or page to show up on organic search results on a mobile device where the intentions of the searcher are crucial to finding local business services or products. Critical elements of how to do SEO include not just Google listings but also business directories and relevant industry listings to provide search results as well as a mobile-friendly website. We aim to use our expertise to generate relevant traffic to your website via organic search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with a professional and 1-2-1 service.

Local SEO Services

Start local, go global with local SEO Services from Digital Tepee. This article looks at how to drive local traffic to your website first when looking to launch a website or kick-start a new marketing focus. All business owners with ambitions to dominate the online space in their sector must not look too far away from home when implementing a local strategy. Back in 2015 Google replaced its “7-pack,” the local results box that previously showed seven local businesses in the Google Web search results, with the 3-pack, meaning four fewer listings now display in the local pack. Let’s look at how to win at local SEO with some starter tips.

What is the Google algorithm?

A quality technical SEO strategy must first and foremost include a plan for all the latest Google algorithm updates, but what are they and what do they mean to businesses? Since February 2011, when the Panda update was released, Google has implemented eight subsequent algorithmic changes to date. As far as we all know Google pretty much implements updates to the algorithm every day, Google makes changes regularly to its ranking algorithm. These can be just small tweaks; others can have a severe impact on the SERPs. At Digital Tepee we continuously analyse our client’s data to ensure a speedy response to any algorithmic changes and penalties rolled with a brief overview and SEO advice on each.